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  • Dalia E. Rodriguez Quiroz (sábado, 15. diciembre 2018 20:40)

    Muy buen material, gracias!

  • This is a very goog blog (viernes, 30. noviembre 2018 16:55)

    This is a very goog blog

  • Mohd karim bin md isa (martes, 11. septiembre 2018 07:11)


  • Winnie (martes, 28. agosto 2018 19:56)

    I really love your PDF worksheets. Nicely designed with a clear educational objective. Excellent! Thank you.

  • Pascual Guarchaj Ixmatá (viernes, 13. julio 2018 22:16)

    This is a very goog blog, thanks for the informations

  • Rossana (miércoles, 20. junio 2018 18:29)

    me encanta tu página !!

  • Susana (miércoles, 07. febrero 2018 06:45)

    Your website and resources are fantastic, thank you to share and congrats for your great job. I am an English teacher from Salamanca, Spain.
    Working in a new alternative school for primary in Gomecello, Salamanca. You are a great reference.Thanks

  • Liliana Beatriz Palumbo (sábado, 14. octubre 2017 00:33)

    I'm a teacher of English I live in Gaiman a small city near Trelew in Chubut Province, Argentina. I was born in Buenos Aires but life brought me here, to this wonderful place. I had several activities from your site and I love them. Congrats for your desire to share them with us.

  • Christopher Kates (martes, 03. octubre 2017 20:44)

    Good website with some useful things. I particularly like using songs so would like to see more worksheets to go with the songs.

  • Andrea K Rogers (lunes, 11. septiembre 2017 16:38)

    Hola! I like your site. I teach ESL to many people from several countries. I want to thank you for creating this informative site.

  • +66998483704 (lunes, 16. enero 2017 12:24)

    Thank you for the awesome food worksheets. I love the layout and wish I could put together something half as beautiful

  • Cristina (sábado, 05. noviembre 2016 14:11)

    Hello!! I'm an English teacher in Viladecans for Elementary and Pre-Intermediate students. Your page is really helpful for them to practise and to help them understand the rules of each verb tense.

    Thank you very much,

    A very happy and grateful teacher

  • Carmen de Soignie (viernes, 26. agosto 2016 10:48)

    New in your blog, I'm looking forward to something different from traditional English blogs.

  • Denise (jueves, 09. junio 2016 04:05)

    Hi! I'm a private German, English and Spanish teacher. I live in Chile. By some lucky chance i just stumbled over (into!) your site.Thanks for sharing your excellent material so freely! Best regards!

  • Tim Blackmore (viernes, 12. febrero 2016 15:26)

    I teach English to students in Ajijic, Jalisco in Mexico and this looks like it's going to be an excellent resource for me. I stumbled on it while I was looking for resources for teaching a food

  • ISABEL BLANQUEZ (jueves, 22. octubre 2015 17:34)

    I´d like to form part of this web

  • Claire Schneider (domingo, 30. agosto 2015 00:53)

    Hola Alfonso,
    Thank you for sharing your resources. I love the songs. Yesterday I used the Lemon Tree n class because the theme of my class was lemons. It was great. Do you have any plans to expand that section? I
    also really like the layout of your resources.
    Gracias otra vez!

  • Estrella Presa (jueves, 02. julio 2015 18:22)

    I'm from Uruguay. Your work is excellent. My students enjoy it. Thanks.

  • FIDELE (lunes, 27. abril 2015 11:33)

    lot of thanks for your work
    I really do appreciate to use them in class and it's really well-designed for my french vocational school learners.

  • Marlene Gomes (domingo, 19. abril 2015 16:11)

    Hi Alfonso,

    Thank you for sharing your useful site.
    Keep up the good work!!!

  • SILVIA GARCIA (lunes, 30. marzo 2015 17:03)

    Todo lo que he visto hasta ahora es muy interesante!

  • Felipe Fernández (miércoles, 28. enero 2015 21:43)

    Hi Alfonso
    Someone gave me a copy of your worksheet for "Lemon Tree" our 1st ESO students have enjoyed a lot.
    Cool activity and nicely presented.

  • Maribel (lunes, 19. enero 2015 03:24)

    Thanks for letting us to see your site. It's very useful. I teach children in Spain

  • Lucy Silva (jueves, 02. octubre 2014 18:59)

    Excellente site!!!

  • Annamari Seawick (jueves, 18. septiembre 2014 18:20)

    Nice resources!

  • Monica (domingo, 15. junio 2014 06:06)

    You are a great and creative
    person who loves to share !
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent and gifted nature!

  • Monica (domingo, 15. junio 2014 06:04)

    Thanks so much for your efficent and generous work!
    No doubt,you are a person who shares ad cares !

  • Alicia Rosas (miércoles, 12. febrero 2014 07:08)

    Son de mucha ayuda sus ejercicios. gracias

  • Pilar Juan (sábado, 11. enero 2014 17:23)

    Hi, I teach English in a High School in Spain. I think your webpage is really interesting and useful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • VALMIR PIMENTEL AMARAL (jueves, 19. diciembre 2013 08:29)


  • Rachel (martes, 15. octubre 2013 21:41)

    I love the grammar sheets. Clear and concise

  • LUZ (jueves, 10. octubre 2013 20:26)

    Hi¡ Alfonso, I teach English to children in Perú. Your worksheets are excellent.
    Thank you so much¡

  • sonia (jueves, 10. octubre 2013 20:21)

    That a nice place in order to teach but it is to less

  • Chio (domingo, 24. febrero 2013 21:17)

    Excellent page, the song worksheets are very good.

  • Kadir (lunes, 11. febrero 2013 22:52)

    Hello :) I`m from Turkey. I`m a student in a highschool and my teacher uses your worksheets . I saw this site answer on the worksheet and after i wanted look for my english. I liked here so much :) I
    will use here for my lessons :D i have a lot of spanish friend so i love spanish people. I lkied you too :D. Lovelyy :D

  • Gregorio (sábado, 15. diciembre 2012 03:35)

    Muy interesane

  • 100 (viernes, 30. noviembre 2012 19:57)

    Hi I teach English to children and adults in France.

  • Kelsey (martes, 27. noviembre 2012 10:55)

    Great site. I found it while searching for food vocabulary worksheets. Excellent graphics. I teach English at a University in Korea. Thank you!

  • Sally (sábado, 24. noviembre 2012 12:42)

    Hi Alfonso
    I teach English here in Mallorca, Spain and your grammar explanations were just what I was looking for.
    Thankyou for sharing!

  • Lorena (lunes, 12. noviembre 2012 21:22)

    I'm an english student and I found your page. I think is very useful.
    I'm from Spain.
    Best regards.

  • asdad (jueves, 08. noviembre 2012 20:10)


  • Renata Bartakova (martes, 06. noviembre 2012 12:15)

    Hello, I'm from the Czech Republic. A year ago I moved back to Europe after living in the USA for ten years. I'm an English teacher now but I was also learning Spanish while I lived in Chicago. So
    your website gives me an opportunity to obtain material for my English language students and I can practise my Spanish at the same time! How cool is that? Muchas gracias!

  • João Paulo (lunes, 29. octubre 2012 13:10)

    Otima organização, você está de parabéns.

  • JJJ (miércoles, 17. octubre 2012 17:07)

    muy bueno el site!!!!!

  • J.J (miércoles, 17. octubre 2012 17:03)

    muy bueno el site¡

  • Diane (martes, 09. octubre 2012 15:48)

    Thanks for the PDFs files. I am going to work today with my students!

  • JJ (viernes, 14. septiembre 2012 16:08)

    Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this site (by the way, there's a spelling mistake in the name of Comparision.pdf and in the file itself).

  • Kim (lunes, 20. agosto 2012 21:31)

    Thanks for putting this together! I am teaching English in Phoenix, Arizona, and will be using this site to create lesson plans. I am working on expanding the food vocabulary and can send it to you
    when I am done.

  • venta (lunes, 13. agosto 2012 16:27)

    les escribo para decirles que me ha gustado mucho su web y que me alegro de haberla conocido.

  • Sofía de Romano (lunes, 09. julio 2012 18:05)

    Hola, buenas tardes,
    soy Sofía de Romano y colaboradora del blog del curso de inglés My Oxford English. les escribo para decirles que me ha gustado mucho su web y que me alegro de haberla conocido.